TPU Leather Base

PHA developed this TPU leather base over 5 years. We focused on non-toxic, non-DMF and eco friendly material. In past few months, we use this on military market. For now, we can provides the TPU leather base to all applications on popular market.

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TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane)
TPU stands for Thermoplastic Polyurethane.
In the 40s German manufactured polyurethane adhesives, and not until 50s a series of reports on PU was published on papers, did the world start to have a preliminary understanding of polyurethane elastomer. A number of European countries and Japan gradually developed a variety of polyurethane products, including polyurethane foam and coatings .

From 70s to 80s, there were more than 300 brands of polyurethane products , such as series injection molding, water polyurethane, flexible polyurethane foams, coatings, adhesives, and waterproof polyurethane products were all new materials developed in that period. After years of continuing national and institutional research and development TPU had increasingly become diverse and adopted in a range of applications, the strength and durability of material also had substantial improvement. TPU, whose physical properties is a polymer between plastic and rubber is made through a variety of different types of production procedures. You can find TPU is used artificial leather, fiber, and adhesive agent. The wide range of applications extends from everyday industry to defense industry and medical and health supplies.leather base
leather base


1. Thickness: 0.6mm~2.0mm。
2. Width: 54"~58"。
3. Backing fabric: knitting, Brushed knitting, woven, non-woven...
4. Applications: Footwear, Furniture, Backpack, Ball, Auto interior...


1.Superior abrasion and tear resistance.
2.Hydrolysis and antibacterial.
3.Superior tortuous performance and endurance to low temperature.
4.Flame retardant and endurance to oil.
5.Environmentally friendly plastic.

Properties of Polyester based and Polyether based TPU
Hydrolysis test methods: Soaked in 10% NaOH aqueous solution / 80℃

tpu leather

Comparison of TPU Foam Composite Film and TPU Film

leather base

TPU Film Testing
Test Method: Mitsubishi ES-X60450

tpu leather base
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