Secure Phone

Secure Encryption Phone

Secure Encryption Phone Device

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Secure phone is a headset dongle. Provide real-time end-to-end voice encryption. Plug-and-Play. Secure and user friendly.  Protect cell phone call and APP voice call !!  Encrypt iPhone phone call and Android's

Encrypting voice of mobile calls (GSM ,CDMA ,LTE ,APP ... calls) directly. Encrypt voice contents before sending into cell phone. Prevent intercept at phone, base station and Telecom server site. Analog encryption guard against crack and hack. Secure your voice contents extremely.

No APP Installation
No Server involvement

Secure phone doesn’t need internet connection. Secure phone communicate through voice channel. Won’t save or transfer log/key by 3rd party. Less exposure and higher security.




secure phone

Standard Compatible : iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus
Android Phone: Contact for details
Dimension : 9.6x5.6x1cm
Weight : 96g
Lithium Battery inside , Actively run for 5.5 hours


encryption phone

Protect Voice Privacy
• Only intercept noise at Telecom server ,base Station ,APP Sever and cell phone
• End-to-end voice encryption

Ultimate iPhone Voice Protection
• Almost the only one in the market
• No JB. Don’t Install APP
• AECall don’t need internet connection