Anti Riot Shield

anti riot shield

PHA has a wide range of shields for different purposes and needs. The standard thickness of the front shield is 4mm of Lexan, but also 3mm can be used on request. Our shields have been exposed to the most extrme conditions of heat and cold, from +50 degree to minus 30 degree Centigrade, both in test aboratories and in action, and continue to perform superbly. It can be delivered with or without a baton holder.


The round model is made for arrest teams or others who need to move fast and can't carry a bigger shield because of weight. Standard size is 650mm in diameter.
anti riot round shield


Wall is a flat two layer designed shield with a special front layer shape which make it very strong and stiff. The extra handle in the top right corner is standard.
anti riot wall shield


It has a "barrel" design and is a one layer model with only the carrying handle on the inside.
anti riot barrel shield


An interlocking design which allow the officers to build a strong wall against the demonstrators.

Two layers with baton holder and an extra handle in the top right corner as standard.

anti riot interlocking shield



Prison is a one layer model with low weight but still very strong. It has as standard an extra handle in the top right corner which helps the user in different situtions, also a baton holder is standard and it fit to various batons.
anti riot prison shield


anti riot shield
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