Anti Riot Equipment

With the global climate of civil unrest, PHA has been called upon to design the next generation of riot gear. Consequently PHA has become the leading supplier of high quality riot protective in the world.

The equipment is lightweight, quick and simple to put on, and procides protection against kicks, blows, and impact of clubs. It is currently being used by numbers of metropolitan law enforceement agencies in Europe, the United States, the Middle East, Asia and several NATO force.

PHA developed this line for police unit in Europe and two tenders were opened in 2012 and PHA is the winner of both. It can be used under clothing or outside the uniform or coverall.

anti riot equipment

Stab and Spike Protection
PHA has developed new stand alone vest with very high impact protection in combination with stab and/or spike protetion -the MULTI concept.

These solutions are used worldwide by security forces, prison authorities and others who don't face regular hand weapon threats. For those who reqire a vest that can also be used with a ballistic combination this is the solution.

The most popular standards are the NIJ-0115 and the HOSDB from 2007. NIJ uses two different tests knifes and HOSDB only on knife, there are also small differents on th Spike tool.

anit blade


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